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cuff links bicolour combinations


In order to fully appreciate the design of the cuff links,   m a h o s h i v a   decided to produce each design in five colour variations. This is based on the one hand on the idea that fashionable taste is known to be different, and on the other hand on the fact that for each shirt colour another wood is dressy. No matter which shirt you are wearing at the moment, there is a matching wooden combination that suits you perfectly. And if you prefer a colour variation of the cuff links, you will find the perfect colour recommendation for your shirt.
The cuff links are available in these five bicolour combinations:

colour EA - alder/maple

view colour EA

For dark shirts, the combination of alder and maple is recommended, as the two light woods, with their fine contrast to each other, harmonize better with darker surfaces.

colour GA - flamed maple/maple

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For grey shirts, the combination of flamed maple and maple is extremely beneficial. The delicate rosé emphasizes its liveliness on various shades of grey.

colour KA - cherry/maple

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For plain-coloured shirts, the harmonious combination of cherry and maple wood is a wonderful choice. Its warmth shines on monochromatic surfaces.

colour WA - walnut/maple

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For both light and dark shirts, depending on the predominance of the walnut or maple portion of the cuff links, this wood combination is ideal. Give your cuff an accent.

colour RA - fumed oak/maple

view colour RA

The classic for light and dark shirts. Fumed oak and maple set clear accents. The lighter the shirt, the more it is advisable to predominate the proportion of fumed oak in the cuff link.